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Features and Platform Offering

CLOBID is a platform that helps host bidding and manage spending more efficiently. It helps compose and publish tenders, communicate with suppliers, evaluate bids and select the best vendor. Moreover the platform is of great value to both the management team and procurement professionals.

#1 Supplier Repository

CLOBID enables suppliers to register the entity and ltheir offered products or services. Management tools for supplier repository would be progressive checking on active suppliers, rating based Qos of the suppliers, categories, and other performance indicators.

#2 Supply & Item Database

CLOBID stores rich information of supply and item database in order to provide exact data that can be used for predicting future plan of action that is beneficial.

#3 Requisition Handling

CLOBID handles formal demand on product or services that only available with specific request to products or services providers. CLOBID manages the recquisition properly with the requester and the involves entities.

#4 Approval & Workflow Control

CLOBID is designed to handle multiple levels approval, and to monitor the progress of the approval in fast and more efficient ways. Participants that are involved will be notified on the status of each other approval through effective channels


CLOBID is integrated with the processes of RFI, RFQ, RFP for bidding and procurement. Detail data on gathering information phase until proposal request are processed with the necessary tools and rules.

#6 Reverse Auction

CLOBID enables event creator to locate the best supplier for the created event, which in the future the event creator may directly contact the supplier for future work.

#7 Mobile App Support for Cloud Bidding

Mobility enables you to operate and function in ways never before. With CLOBID implementing mobility solutions to bidding and procurement process, the process would be more effective and convenient.

#8 Contract Management

CLOBID enables supplier and event host to hold a contrat once the bidding process is completed; the tools provided for any management of the contract are integrated within the system

#9 Mobile App for Service Management (SLA)

One of CLOBID management tool focus is the SLA. Not only CLOBID provides tools for bidding and procurement; but also management of contract and liason between supplier and event hosts. Hence, for future requirement would be able to search, and contact the needed parties.

#10 Integration to ERP (SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamic NAV)

CLOBID is a customizable system which is designed to integrate well with the current system infrastructure or with popular ERP system. Hence, CLOBID can be used in your system relatively soon.